A massive congratulations to Mark Winser who overcome his good friend Mark Marshall in the shoot-Off to take the Essex Gun Masters 2015 Crown. A fitting end to a great shoot.

A special thanks to all who took part in this years event, and to John Dyson and his crew that managed once again to pull off two great rounds of sporting and to have the event run so smoothly.

A big thank you also to all our sponsors Gamebore, Anglo Italian Arms, Promatic, Lookers Land Rover, and also to be part of the Clayshooting.TV Premier League.

Winner 189 M Winser
Runner-Up 189 M Marshall
1st 186 J Lee 1st 188 S Bramley 1st 181 J Kebble 1st 174 D Gibbs 1st 165 S Ward
2nd 185 C Baker 2nd 184 S Scott 2nd 180 C Papworth 2nd 172 G Downs 2nd 162 O Lodge
3rd 183 J Morris 3rd 180 M Papworth 2nd 180 C Revell 3rd 169 M Jennings 3rd 160 D Blackburn
3rd 183 N Hendrick 3rd 180 A Jude 4th 178 C Exton 4th 165 F Haigh 4th 158 D Wheatley
5th 182 J Brightman 3rd 180 P Rowbottom 5th 174 G Mills 4th 165 M Jones 5th 156 J Harrell
5th 182 A Cork 6th 179 K Johnson 5th 174 P Mayhew 6th 162 M Watson 5th 156 A Wade
5th 182 S Green 6th 179 S Greenwod 5th 174 G Ahmed 6th 162 S Brodie 7th 155 S Smith
8th 181 G Digweed 8th 178 D Bishop 8th 173 J Clarke 6th 162 G Smith 8th 154 J Passant
8th 181 R Bunning 8th 178 A McKeown 8th 173 O Jones 9th 161 M Virgo 8th 154 M Lower
8th 181 J Attwood 10th 177 G Meikle 8th 173 P Brockley 9th 161 J Clarke 8th 154 S Cooper
10th 177 J Burns 11th 172 J Munday 11th 160 D Sweeney 11th 153 J Burn
10th 177 G Spalding 11th 172 M Bone 11th 160 C Morris 12th 152 N Peppiatt
11th 172 J Brockley 11th 160 S Dunkling 12th 152 F Calton
11th 160 A Francis
11th 160 J Nunn
11th 160 M Cobold
1st 181 C Hall 1st 178 A Harvey 1st 179 G Stirzaker 1st 172 P Ham 1st 170 B Woollard
2nd 163 K Brown 1st 178 D Ferriman 1st 179 S  Brightwell 2nd 168 J Steel 2nd 167 F Whitehurst
3rd 160 G Moule 3rd 170 H Collins 3rd 176 I Hallwood 2nd 164 M West 3rd 165 R Green
4th 158 C Kerwood 4th 166 B Ballentyne 3rd 176 J Pool 4th 164 P Farrer 4th 159 G Townsend
5th 157 L Butler 5th 164 J Bridges 5th 173 G Moore 5th 162 P Hoy 5th 150 T McGregor
5th 157 B McKenzie 5th 164 B Baughan
5th 157 S Chambers
1st 184 G Poinsot
1st 184 C Auvrett
3rd 170 D Marteens
4th 169 A Boutoille
5th 162 J Loyen
5th 162 C Bedet